Take a gamble at sea with the most beautiful cruise ships in the world

    Take a gamble at sea with the most beautiful cruise ships in the world

    In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the casino? It almost sounds too good to be true and yet it has been possible for a long time. In the distant past, when games of chance were far from legalized everywhere, people sought refuge in these so-called casino ships. The laws of the land did not apply at sea. Incidentally, casinos are far from allowed everywhere on earth. But thanks to these historic developments, cruisers can at least still take advantage of the opportunities to gamble in the middle of the sea today. Today, especially the entertainment offer has become much better so that the lover of casino games does not have to sit still in the middle of the sea. For example, a luxury cruise holiday can be easily combined with a casino visit. Playing roulette or poker while traveling; seems to us the ideal holiday (but we are of course very big casino lovers!).

    So much more than a holiday

    The temperature is around 28 degrees and you look out on the Atlantic Ocean while you enjoy a delicious cocktail. Sounds good, doesn't it? However, it gets even better if you know that you can go to the casino after the sunset. A cruise ship vacation is an ultimate vacation for those who love the adventure, yet appreciate first-class amenities. Casinos are now one of those facilities on most major cruise ships, so you can also take a seat at the roulette table during your well-deserved vacation. Because isn't the casino visit a welcome mix of excitement and fun for everyone? On a cruise ship, you can enjoy the ambiance in the arcade, while you can catch your breath with a beautiful view of the sea. Most cruise ships offer slot games for those aged 18 and over. Do you want to enjoy absolute tranquility? Then lounge in an 'adults only zone'. In addition to these lounge zones, the casino also has restaurants, bars, top entertainment, and beautiful hotel rooms. Just like the luxury casino resorts, but one that moves through the water. Gambling on the High Seas - Fun Facts About Cruise Ship Casinos | One Step 4Ward

    The Laws of the Sea

    For the complete story, we have to go back to the United States, because riverboats also play a crucial role in history there. Casinos were (and are) banned in many states, but casino boats are allowed there again. Especially the large boats going up the Mississippi River from New Orleans have had a significant impact on the spread of games of chance such as roulette. What was strictly forbidden on land, was allowed at sea. A remarkable (and quite literal) example of this is the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois. The laws of the state of Illinois prescribe that casinos may only offer their games of chance on water. In the case of this casino, it first appears to be a land-based casino. But that's an optical illusion. The Rivers Casino is cleverly built on a shallow lake.

    Top 3 best casino cruise ships

    Sure, a cruise will undoubtedly win everyone's dream, but if you book a trip on your own initiative, it will of course also be unforgettable. In any case, there are plenty of beautiful cruise ships, but what you are looking for if you also want to take a gamble, are of course the best casino cruise ships. We've picked a few for you:
    1. Sunborn Superyacht Hotel and Casino: Docked at the Gibraltese Ocean Village Marina, this cruise ship offers breathtaking views of the famous rock, the terrifying airport runway, and the strait towards Morocco. Accessible from the back of the boat, the casino features 58 state-of-the-art slot machines, three American roulette tables, four card tables (including blackjack), and three live poker tables.
    2. Norwegian Escape: for this casino ship you can go to Miami, but then you are immediately on a gigantic ship that can accommodate 4,266 guests. Join them on an exotic trip to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. But if cruising through crystal clear waters and passing white sand beaches isn't enough on its own, you can also opt for the many entertainment options on board. How about a state-of-the-art casino with 318 slot machines and 28 gaming tables including blackjack, craps, poker, baccarat, and roulette? Buy-ins vary to ensure there is something for everyone from the beginner to the high roller.
    3. Queen Mary 2: This ship takes her passengers on transatlantic crossings between Southampton and New York with all the pomp and circumstance you would expect from such a prestigious name. Luxury is in the details, from the stunning craftsmanship in the suites and staterooms to the impressive library, the largest at sea with over 8,000 books. Then there's the Empire Casino, where you'll find nine custom-made gaming tables: including roulette, blackjack, and poker, as well as 99 slot machines.

    Top 3 largest casino cruise ships

    Just think… you are sailing with your partner or with friends on one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world. And you also have the chance to play a game of chance. The world's most beautiful cruise ships have all the trimmings. You can enjoy a well-deserved vacation and take a gamble on your favorite casino game. What kind of casino games can you find on a cruise ship? A selection from the offer: roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and poker

    Largest Cruise Ships on Earth

    That immediately raises the question of what the largest cruise ships on Earth are. We have the answer for you:
    1. Symphony of the Seas: the largest cruise ship in the world that was built at the shipyard of the western French Saint-Nazaire. With a length of 362 meters, a beam of 66 meters, and a weight of more than 228,000 tons, this ship is slightly larger and heavier than its little sister the Harmony of the Seas.
    2. Harmony of the Seas: There are no superlatives enough to describe this ship. The dimensions are not only enormous (length: 361.79 meters, width: 66 meters), every conceivable technological ingenuity has also been incorporated into the ship.
    3. The allure of the Seas: Was for a while the largest cruise ship in the world, but was surpassed in 2016 by the Harmony of the Seas. The colossal ship is classified as a true theme park with no fewer than 7 different 'neighborhoods'. You can really do everything on this ship: from seeing acrobats' stunt in the AquaTheater to the gambling itself. The size? A length of 362 meters and a width of 47 meters.
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    Cruise Lines with Casinos

    Most cruise ships offer gambling options, which is very attractive given the international character of the tours. When you are in international waters, the national gambling laws are no longer in effect. Offering a casino is therefore an above-average interesting option for cruise ships, partly because of course thousands of passengers are on board. It is often the case that the casino closes when a port is called. This may be the case, for example, if there are certain laws on land that prohibit games of chance. The well-known cruise lines that do have a casino onboard are in any case:
    • Royal Caribbean Cruises: you probably know this cruise company by now. The three largest cruise ships on earth mentioned above all sail under the flag of this provider. Casinos are present on each of the boats, with no shortage of gaming tables and slot machines. Where do the boats sail past? Pretty much the whole world. Depending on the season, you can go to cities such as Naples and Miami, but also from southern Europe across the ocean to the Caribbean.
    • Princess Cruise Ships: there is also no shortage of entertainment on Princess cruise ships. You can make your holiday as varied as you want. We are talking about a shipping company with a long history dating back to 1965. Today it belongs to the top and has no fewer than 18 cruise ships in service. The destinations offered? From Australia to the Caribbean and from the United States and Canada to Southeast Asia.
    • MSC: The MSC Divina seats 3,500 passengers and has been sailing the Bahamas and the Caribbean since 2013. In the glitzy casino Veneziano (yes, we're talking about a cruise line that originated in Italy  ) it sparkles with mirrored tile mosaics and a stylishly polished chrome staircase lit with LED lighting. One of the attractions of the casino is the painting of the Venetian lagoon.
    • Carnival Cruise Lines: offers all-inclusive trips with food and drinks included in the price. You can also gamble to your heart's content on board these ships on, for example, roulette, blackjack, and slots. In addition, you can participate in popular casino tournaments
    • Norwegian Cruise Line: although the company is originally Norwegian, its headquarters are now located in Miami, USA. Under the abbreviation NCL, it now sails all over the world: that means enjoying destinations such as Alaska, Europe, Bermuda, and also Hawaii. On the various ships, you will find more than 2800 slot machines and almost 200 table games.
    • Celebrity Cruises: whether you're looking for a relaxing sun holiday on the Caribbean islands, a city cruise on the Southern European coast, or an adventurous expedition cruise in Antarctica; this provider has it all. Oh yes, and they also have a casino. One ship offers even more games than the other.

    Cruise lines without casino

    Whether every cruise ship is a spectacle? Absolutely. However, not all cruise ships have a casino, let that be clear. Also, most expedition ships and riverboats do not have a casino. Some examples of cruise lines that do not have a casino:
    • Lindblad: This cruise line was founded way back in 1979 and is a very different kind of provider. While standard airlines prefer to sail to popular destinations like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, Lindblad does things differently: they go to Antarctica, the Galápagos Islands, and Alaska. And no, they don't have a casino onboard.
    • Pride Of America: This is a cruise ship of NCL America, a separate branch of the Norwegian Cruise Line, that makes trips to Hawaii. And while there is no shortage of entertainment at the final destination, gambling is illegal there. And that means that this cruise ship is not allowed to operate a casino. Too bad.
    • Viking Ocean: is a provider with relatively small ships. And whether there is no room there or whether they are against it on principle; in any case, there is no casino on this ship. They do, however, visit just about every continent on earth: from Europe to Africa and from South America to Oceania. That again.
    • Star Clippers Cruise Line: Do you want to go to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean countries? Then you can with the Star Clippers Cruise Line. However, you will have to take into account that you cannot take a gamble for a while. There is no casino.
    • Disney Cruise Lines: You might not be surprised to learn that Disney Cruise Lines doesn't have a casino. This cruise line is largely aimed at children, and that, of course, means without gambling services.

    Win a cruise at the casino

    Going on a cruise is of course a whole party in itself. There is never a lack of entertainment and you always have a view of the sea. You really don't have much more to wish for. Still, it becomes very beautiful when you win a cruise. Did you read that correctly: winning a cruise? Yes, because a casino cruise as a prize is also increasingly an option. Casinos are not only throwing cash prizes, but they are also increasingly arriving at fully catered cruise trips. Both physical and online casinos offer a casino cruise as a prize and the great thing is that there is often a nice bonus handed out to participate. What does it take to win a cruise? That you keep a close eye on the promotions of the different providers. And of course, you can use a healthy dose of luck to take off with the coveted prize casino cruise. Win a casino cruise: it is made very easy for you.

    Get in the mood with online casino games

    Do you have to wait a little longer until you can enjoy that coveted holiday? Get in the mood with some online casino games now. Online you can certainly immerse yourself in traditional table games such as Blackjack and Roulette. In addition, you can of course also try your luck on online slot machines. This way you can start your journey fully prepared.