Play casino video slots

    Play casino video slots

    You used to have to go to the local arcade for a gamble and although that was of course very pleasant, many enthusiasts are very happy with the arrival of online casinos. Thanks to the simplicity of video slots, you can now play at any time of the day from the comfort of your home, without having to brave the rain and cold and without being tied to fixed opening hours. The great thing about the new generation of video slots is that they are designed based on a certain game theme and therefore there is something for everyone. In addition, thanks to modern technologies, new features are constantly being invented that make playing even more realistic.

    Best online casinos to play video slots with money

    Thanks to the internet, the range of video slots is also very generous, because new online casinos are added every day. However, that does not mean that you should play at the first online casino. Several important criteria for assessing online casinos are, therefore:

    Game offer

    Of course, you want to be able to count on a game offer that suits you. By this, we do not only mean numbers, but certainly, also the variation in the range offered. For example, most players prefer to play in casinos where they can choose from a variety of game themes and a large number of game developers. An Essential Guide on How to Play Video Slots - Style Vanity

    Slot tournaments

    Another reason to choose a particular online casino or not is whether or not slot tournaments are offered. For example, by regularly holding a slot tournament, casinos ensure that you can compete against other players and/or that your results end up in a ranking. And that suddenly makes online gambling a lot more interactive. Of course, there are also great prizes in tournaments.


    We already mentioned it and as far as we are concerned this is also the most important criterion: the reliability of the online casino. After all, you want to be able to play in an online casino that offers fair video slots and reliable service. Don't forget that it's about your hard-earned euros that are wagered when you play video slots with money. You, therefore, want to be able to count on a provider that offers a secure payment environment, uses fair terms and conditions, and has a reliable license. A rule of thumb is to always play in a casino with a license from the European Union.

    Not allowed everywhere

    Despite the enormous popularity of video slots and online casinos, online gambling is not allowed everywhere. There are still plenty of countries where no national online casinos are active, simply because online gambling is not regulated in these countries. Yet there are more and more countries that see opportunities to fill the state treasury with all tax revenues and take the plunge. It will also be allowed in our country very soon.

    Play free online video slots yourself

    While in a physical slot you have to put money into the device first to find out if the game is for you, most slots offer the option to try them out for free. This is thanks to the demo mode available in most online casinos. This way you can try out slots in the fun mode and get acquainted with the game playfully.

    Best Video Slot Welcome Bonus

    If you gamble somewhere online, all help is welcome, and most online casinos have now understood that. You can count on all kinds of bonuses, with the welcome bonus being the most common. What to imagine from such a bonus? How to Get the Best Experience When Playing Slot Game Online?

    Welcome Bonus at Online Casinos

    1. Deposit bonus: usually this is indicated by a percentage that you get from the house on top of your deposit. This percentage can sometimes go up to 500%. For example: do you deposit $50 at an online casino where a 100% deposit bonus applies? Then you will receive another "50 on top of your deposit of $50 and your credit will be $100.
    2. Free spins on video slots: you get an x ​​number of spins for free from the casino. Typically, these spins are valid for a particular or a particular list of slots. For example, you will receive 33 free spins from the online casino for video slot X with a validity of 7 days. Then you have 7 days to spin this slot 33 times for free.
    3. Combination of 1 and 2: so a bonus on top of a first deposit + free spins.

    No Deposit Free Spins

    A no-deposit bonus (free money bonus) is nothing but bonus money that the casino gives to its players, without a deposit in return. Usually, you have to deposit an amount to claim a bonus, but luckily that is not the case in this case. That is why the bonus is also called a free money bonus.

    Free spins

    In principle, this works exactly the same as mentioned above under the welcome bonus. The difference, however, is that these free spins are intended for everyone, so not just for new customers, as is the case with a welcome bonus. Free spins are usually valid on one or more selected slots. Therefore, always check the list of valid games.

    Cash backs

    With cash backs, you get a certain percentage back on lost bets. Usually, this bonus applies on a fixed day.  For example, every Tuesday, casino X offers a 30% cashback. That means that for every loss you suffer, you get 30% of your loss back. You can then wager the cashback again. Note: Bonuses always come with bonus conditions. We recommend that you read these carefully before you start playing.

    What are video slots and how do they work?

    We usually speak of a video slot when the reels, online, are displayed on a screen instead of real reels spinning in the machine. In other words: we are actually talking about nothing more than the online counterparts of the traditional slots. Slots come in all kinds of variants. For example, every video slot has a theme. You can think of everything from adventure to Halloween and from football to slot machines.

    Types of video slots

    • Flash vs. HTML5: Traditionally, video slots have always been developed in Flash, but that would prove to be not without drawbacks, especially given that more and more games had to be adapted to the increase in mobile use. One of the biggest drawbacks of Flash is that it requires a special Flash player. As a result, games become unnecessarily heavy and often freeze. Today, with the introduction of the unified HTML5, video slots are being developed in such a way that they are suitable for any device: desktops, tablets, and phones.
    • Multiplayer slots: it is not uncommon to see groups of friends playing alternately on a slot machine in a land-based casino. They do this, for example, by each putting an equal amount into a pot in advance and thus actually playing with a joint bet. Any winnings are therefore distributed in the same way. Online some slots offer the option to play with multiple players at the same time. Multiplayer slots are available to everyone, so for acquaintances as well as for complete strangers. You can also join another video slot player to play together. Why would you do that? The bets can be added together again. Often with higher bets, you are entitled to higher prices. This is how you join forces.

    Odds of Winning and Random Number Generator (RNG)

    For a long time, casino games were guided by a mechanical or manual system. What exactly do we mean by the latter? Take for example a table game like poker where the cards are shuffled by a dealer. This shuffling of the cards should ensure that the game proceeds completely randomly (and therefore in all fairness).

    What does the RNG do?

    With the rise of online casinos, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is indispensable these days. Of course, there are live casino games that are offered online, which still work with a dealer, but the majority of games nowadays work with software and hardware. The Random Number Generator simply ensures that every spin on a video slot is linked to an algorithm that in turn translates into an outcome. That outcome is then shown on your game screen. This result is determined by the generator choosing a random number from the millions of unique digits. As a result, your chances of winning depend on nothing but chance.


    Suppose you have seen a football slot that you like. After all, you are a big football fan and if you see the graphics like this, it is almost impossible that this game suits you completely. Yet after a long wait, you give up, because you did not think that this game would run out of your play money so quickly. And that while you had heard that this game actually yields huge amounts. You, therefore, decide to fall back on your trusted lock. In that game, you may win lower amounts, but at least you can continue playing with your money for longer.  What does this difference have to do with? The volatility. This is also known as the variance of a video slot and can also be seen as the ratio between risk and reward. Volatility refers to low, medium, and high volatility.
    • Low volatility: i.e. low variance. With this, you win more often, but it is always about lower prices. The result is that as a rule you often spend longer with the same play money.
    • High volatility: i.e. high variance. This means that you don't win very often, but that the prizes to be won are above average. The downside is that you can quickly run through your play money. Video slots with high volatility are therefore especially suitable for high rollers.
    • Medium Volatility: It moves between low and high volatility and is therefore seen as the most reasonable option of the three for players looking for reasonable payouts without taking too much risk.
    Video Slots Casino Review and Bonus Code However, that does not alter the fact that there are also video slots where you can win a lot of money with a low bet. There are regular winners stories of people who managed to win a lot of money with almost nothing.

    Different platforms: desktop, mobile, and tablet

    Traditionally, we mainly used a computer to play online games, but today it is very different. Most people will even use their tablet or smartphone to play a game and the same goes for slots. That is exactly the reason why most video slots today are developed in HTML5, so any desired device can be operated with a single production. Most modern slots are developed via HTML5 and are playable on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Many old productions have also received updates to be playable on any device.