Keno Play

    Keno Play

    Keno Play

    Keno is a great lottery game in the casino. It originates from ancient China. Try your luck with this wildly exciting game. Also, nowadays you can play Keno on your mobile or tablet, wherever you are.

    Keno game rules

    Playing Keno is similar to playing Lotto. Keno is only a lot faster than Lotto and therefore gives you faster results. Keno is very popular, partly because it is such an incredibly simple game. You can get big payouts by placing relatively small bets. The object of the game is to guess which numbers (1 to 80) are drawn by the machine. In normal casinos, Keno is played in special rooms. Sometimes there are even ' Keno runners' who deliver a winning bet to the table you are currently playing at.

    Base of Keno

    Before you start playing, choose at least 4 numbers between 1 and 80. You may not choose more than 10 numbers. The selection you've made and each number that goes with it is called a ' spot'. When you have chosen 10 numbers, you play in a '10 spot' game. After confirming your selection, 20 of the 80 numbers will be randomly drawn. Depending on the number of digits you guessed correctly, you are either not a winner, a minor winner, or maybe even a big winner. Keno Play The minimum bet can be from $0.05, but usually, when playing Keno, a bet of $1.00 is played. The online casino always explains to you how payments and handling of your winnings work. The profit you make depends on your bet and the number of ' spots' that are played with. In some online casinos, it is possible to win $50,000 with a bet of only $1.00. One round of the game is called a ' Keno race'. You can often keep the same selection of numbers during the different ' races'. The payout varies but is usually around 70%. This is because the chance of correctly guessing a number is relatively small. This makes playing Keno one of the most difficult and exciting games in an online casino!

    Keno opportunities

    As mentioned before, the chance of correctly guessing a number is not very high. That is why the providers also pay out different profits. In general, the win depends on how many numbers the player chooses, how many he guessed correctly and what his bet is. Still, some casinos pay nice amounts for guessing 0 numbers. To name a few examples of the opportunities; you have a 1.16% chance of guessing 1 number correctly, 11.33% chance of guessing 7 correctly, 0.07% chance of guessing 11 correctly, and the chance of guessing all 20 numbers correctly is 1 on the 3.5 quintillions. The funny thing is that statistically, you have the best chance of guessing 4 to 6 numbers correctly.

    Keno history

    It is generally believed that Keno dates back to the Han Dynasty in China about 3000 years ago. The story goes that the Han Dynasty had waged so much war that the city ran out of money. The population could no longer be taxed, they were already paying absurdly high taxes. Then the leader, Cheung Leung, came up with the idea for a new game; Keno. It was conceived as a lottery to raise money for the city. The same stories claim that the game was later used to fund the Great Wall of China, but since Keno only became legal in China in the 1800s, the truth of this story is questioned. Anyway, Keno was initially a very different game than it is today. It was initially played with 120 Chinese characters. In China, the game is still played with these characters, although they have now reduced the number to 80, just like in Europe. Play Keno game - Virtual Keno Online

    Keno Tips

    You now know the basics of the casino game Keno. Time to test your luck. Since an RNG is used at Keno in online casinos, it is impossible to know in advance which numbers will appear in a Keno game. However, we can give you a few tips before you start playing.
    • Consciously choose the number of numbers you want to bet on
    As we mentioned with the probabilities, you are most likely to guess 4 to 6 numbers correctly. It is advisable to do a sum with this information. This way you can see which number of good numbers gives you break-even with which the number of numbers is chosen. Keep the 4 to 6 numbers in mind.
    • Choose numbers
    It is often recommended to choose several lucky numbers and stick to them. This is often done because it can be very frustrating to play 10 times with your lucky numbers and then see the winnings there if you just picked a different set of numbers. The truth is that it doesn't matter if you keep picking the same numbers or not, the winning numbers are selected randomly.
    • Have fun playing
    This is of course the first rule when you want to play a game in the casino. If you don't enjoy it, there's little point in playing. So always make sure that it stays fun and that you only bet amounts that you can miss.