Bingo: play online bingo for free

    Bingo: play online bingo for free

    Play Free Online Bingo

    Bingo is a real social game that has been played around the world for centuries. The target? Of course to win. But also above all to have a very pleasant time. The game is therefore usually played by large groups. This is one of the reasons why bingo has acquired the image of a game for the elderly. But that (in our opinion) completely unjustified image of bingo has changed a lot lately. Thanks to the advent of online bingo, the game is more popular than ever before. The average online casino now offers free bingo games as an option, and we understand why. Because while bingo is normally quite cumbersome (just think of the space required), it becomes a completely different story online. Nowadays, more and more bingo meetings are shifting to the internet. So whether you want to play online or join the community center; You can now play bingo anywhere and anytime. Good thing, too. As far as we are concerned, bingo is of all times and especially for everyone.

    Bingo game rules

    The rules of bingo are quite simple, but they do depend on the game variant you choose. In general, at least two players are required to play bingo. In addition, a game master is required and in the most favorable case also an announcer. The popularity of free bingo games is partly due to the simple game rules. Bingo is accessible to everyone and does not require any prior knowledge, as is the case with many other table games. In addition, bingo also has a very social character. Bingo is seen as relaxing and the game usually doesn't last very long. How Music and Comedy help Bingo reach new audiences - TotalNtertainment Although there are minor differences between the various variants, in general, the following applies:
    • Each player is given a form (either online or physically) containing a set number of random numbers.
    • The above game master draws every turn a ball that also has a number on it.
    • This is announced and it is up to the participants to check their playing card to see if the announced number is on it.
    • Is that the case? Then the number may be crossed off.
    In online bingo, the computer usually automatically keeps track of which numbers are drawn and whether they are on the card. In some variants, one line is played first, then two lines, and then a full card. Other variants also count a single horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of numbers as bingo. Yet the ultimate goal is of course to get a full playing card, with all numbers crossed out. Does this work? Then the big moment has come to shout that magic word through the room: Bingo!

    Online bingo

    Online bingo does not take place in a physical gaming room but in an online 'room'. Nevertheless, the idea remains the same. In online bingo, there is a countdown to the start of the game and there is limited time to buy tickets. This is mainly to keep the speed of the game-high. The numbers are also clearly announced online. A handy feature of online bingo is that you often have the choice to have the numbers checked off automatically. That way you can play along at your leisure. Moreover, you can also play with several cards at the same time and you no longer run the risk of forgetting a number. You can of course also check off (read: clicking) yourself, but then you have to keep your attention.

    Physical bingo

    Again, the game starts when all players have purchased their bingo cards. Normally a card consists of 5×5 rows. This amount has everything to do with the 5 letters that appear in the bingo game: BINGO. Typically, the middlebox is empty, while the rest of the boxes contain random numbers between 1 and 75 or 1 and 90. Unlike online bingo, the numbers here simply have to be crossed off. And we have to say: while playing online bingo can be very practical, the atmosphere like in a real bingo hall cannot be approached. Even if it is just to do with the shouting of the word bingo and the euphoria when collecting the prize.

    Bingo variants

    Just like with casino games such as roulette or poker, bingo also has various variants. We'll walk you through a few of these, including some versions that are mostly played in the United States:
    • Slingo: A combination of bingo and slots. Introduced in the 90's in land-based casinos in America, and now online too.
    • 75 and 90 Ball Bingo: 75 Ball Bingo is played with 75 balls (as you can guess). In 90 Ball Bingo, this is done with 90 balls. In addition to these versions, there are also variants in which 30 or 80 balls are played.
    • British vs. American Bingo: the British variant is also called European Bingo and differs from the American version in several ways. British Bingo is played for one or more rows, or of course for a full bingo card. American Bingo often involves patterns in which you have to check off a certain figure.
    • Bingo (slot machine): we also have bingo as a slot machine. This looks like a pinball machine, but the difference is that there are no flippers, but 26 holes for the balls to fall into. When a ball falls into a numbered hole, the numbers in the playing cards light up. The goal is to light up at least three numbers in a row.
    Как играть в бинго: руководство по игре и основные правила ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop ▷ ➡️ The following variants of bingo play are especially common in the United States :
    • U-Pick'Em bingo: This is a widely played version of bingo, where players get to pick the numbers themselves. Although this game is very similar to Keno, it is officially recognized as a bingo variant.
    • Shotgun Bingo: Also known as Quickie Bingo or Turbo Bingo, this game is often played in between regular bingo. This means that it is a kind of additional variant where cards are used that are sold separately from the main game. Usually, only one or two cards are played and the game proceeds at a fast pace. This way the numbers are announced at lightning speed.
    • Quick Shot Bingo: Purchases sealed cards that have pre-populated numbers. If a certain pattern is reached, the player wins a prize according to a prize table. Some versions are played until a player wins the top prize, after which the game starts again. However, players have to be patient: winning the top prize can take days, weeks, or months.
    • Facebook Bingo: This differs from the traditional bingo games because of the presence of the so-called power-ups. These power-ups offer players an advantage over other players, whether or not for a fee. For the prizes, virtual items can be won on the Facebook platform.
    • Horse Racing Bingo: This variant allows up to 15 players who are randomly assigned a number from 1 to 15. Then the numbers are drawn and the first to cross off five numbers from his or her ticket wins.

    Bingo Tips and Strategies

    When playing (free) bingo there are of course some strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning. Often, the more cards you play with, the more money you can win. Sometimes you can also buy more expensive tickets to compete for the bigger prizes. However, it may be wiser to buy several cheaper cards. In this way, you ultimately have a better chance of winning a prize than if you purchase one card for a higher cost price. How could it be otherwise with so many combinations? Some further tips for targeted free bingo play:

    Avoid crowds

    Do you want higher winnings and bigger winning odds? Then it's a good idea to avoid the crowd. You do this, for example, by playing very early in the morning. A simple addition teaches us that there are fewer players online, which means that you also have a better chance.


    If you have a big budget, it may be more attractive to invest in the more expensive cards of a jackpot game. These games pay out attractive winnings. By the way, don't cheer too early: winning the jackpot doesn't happen very often.

    Determine the budget

    Few things are as important in online gambling as being able to set limits. It is therefore vital that you never bet more than the amount that you have agreed with yourself. Therefore, do not play to compensate for any losses. Be realistic.

    Choose the bingo variant

    Before you start, it is important to know the different variants of online bingo. How you can win, the winning chances and the bingo cards differ per variant. Learn the rules first and play a practice round, without betting any money.

    Build up stakes

    In the beginning, only play with cheaper cards and try to build up a playing capital. Of course, you can go all out and buy the more expensive playing cards for a chance to win higher prizes, but if you are on a budget then it is best to start small. Do this and then steadily work your way up to greater capital.

    What is the full house pattern in bingo?

    A player's goal is to create a winning pattern and several patterns have been added throughout history that allows you to win the game. However, there is one pattern that never gets old because it holds the key to winning the biggest prizes of all: the Full House pattern, also known as the Blackout or Coverall pattern in American bingo. This pattern is not very easy, but it can be quite rewarding: either fixed jackpots or progressive jackpots, depending on the bingo game. Bingo around the World – Africa Feeds –

    The Full House Pattern in 90-Ball Bingo

    To form a Full House Pattern in 90-ball bingo, the player must cross off all 15 numbers on his or her ticket within the specified number of calls. The standard 90 ball bingo card uses 3 rows and 9 columns, with each row containing 5 random numbers and 4 empty squares. The tickets in 90 ball bingo are normally sold in strips of six so that each number from 1 to 90 appears once on the six tickets. This allows the player to put a spot on your six-strip card every time the caller/dealer announces a number. Players who make a Full House usually get a share of a fixed or progressive jackpot. This can optionally be split between multiple winners of a full house pattern.

    The Blackout Pattern in 75-Ball Bingo

    The Blackout pattern in 75-ball bingo is broadly similar to the Full House as players must again mark all the numbers on the tickets to win their jackpot share. However, in this version of the game, the ticket has 5 rows and 5 columns, containing 24 numbers, as there is a square in the middle that is empty.

    Odds of winning at bingo

    Of course, you want to know what your chances of winning are and with a little imagination you can find out for yourself to a certain extent. To arrive at the theoretical chance of winning, you have to divide the number of available (or rather sold) bingo tickets by the number of tickets you have in your possession.
    For example: Suppose that a total of 100 tickets have been sold, of which you have bought 4, then you calculate your chance of winning as follows: 4 / 100 = 0.04 = 4%.
    Although this calculation is quite simple in itself, it is a lot more difficult to find out how many bingo cards have been sold, let alone how many cards have been sold for the relevant round. You could therefore keep track of how many cards are taken per player on average over a longer period. And who knows, the organizer may also want to announce this himself. Because the organizer also wants to earn money by organizing a bingo event, the prizes to be won often depend on the number of participants. The more participants, the higher the price. We also usually work with sponsors who make a physical prize available, or who make it possible to link a jackpot to it.

    Factors that influence the chance of winning

    • Share lottery tickets: to increase the bingo chance of winning you can try to increase your share of the total number of bingo tickets. Especially with online bingo, people often want to know how many bingo tickets can be bought per person. Although that depends on the provider, 20 pieces is a common number. Please note that it is not possible to keep 20 tickets at the same time in a physical bingo hall.
    • Several players: the number of participants also plays a major role in the eventual chance of winning. By taking a seat in rooms where there are few participants, you significantly increase the chance of winning. This is easy to find out in both physical and online rooms.

    Bingo Cams: Play Live Bingo

    We already mentioned the point that quite a bit of space is needed to organize a bingo meeting. Thanks to the rise of the online casino and later also the live casino, many more bingo meetings take place online. Bingocams is a striking example of this. Live bingo is played here, where people from all over the world can participate. The word 'cams' refers to the use of the webcam, which also means that the players can see each other. That benefits the fun, in fact as is the case with physical bingo evenings.

    Different bingo rooms

    At Bingocams, 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo are also played. To participate, you must first purchase bingo cards. Once purchased, you can choose from multiple bingo rooms. And the great thing is that there are also jackpots on offer. The most attractive of these is the Progressive Jackpot, which can add up with a bit of luck.

    Play free bingo

    If you want to get used to the idea first, you can choose to play bingo for free. You do not have to place a bet, but you can see how the game works. The fact that you also have a chance to win small cash prizes makes it very attractive.

    Bingo records

    World records come in all shapes and sizes. For example, we already told you about the Mega Moolah jackpot that is setting record after record. The bingo world also has several remarkable records and we'll go through some of them with you:

    Biggest Bingo Event Ever

    With a full hall of 100 people, we are already at a very nice number, but Almacenes Éxito, the largest retailer in South America, managed to bring thousands of people together. How many people showed up? 70,080 players. The record dates back to December 2, 2006, and was set in the Colombian capital, Bogotá.

    Biggest cash prize ever

    We usually think of a microwave or a nice pan set when we think of bingo prizes. However, huge cash prizes can also be won with bingo. Soraya Lowell also knows that, who won no less than 1,167,795 pounds (about 1.4 million dollars) with the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot. The record was set on March 25, 2008, in Coatbridge, Scotland.

    Highest place ever

    Okay, with the live casino you have a legion of bingo rooms, but in the most traditional form players take place in a room of, for example, the neighborhood association. However, on November 3, 2009, 24 Britons decided to choose a very special place: Mount Everest. They had to walk for a while because this session was played at an altitude of 5334 meters. We have a feeling that this record will stand for a while.

    Biggest online bingo session

    We previously mentioned that online bingo saves a lot of physical space and a striking example of this can be found in the Japanese capital Tokyo. The largest online bingo session ever would be held there on September 3, 2010. How many people were involved? 493,824 people. Half a million people playing online bingo!

    Biggest bingo card

    On December 6, 2014, in the British capital London, they got the idea to make the largest bingo card ever: 4.98 meters long and 1.99 meters wide. What was the point of this record? Well, over $6000 (over $7000) was raised, and that in turn was donated to the Royal Voluntary Service. Talk about the social nature of bingo!